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Topic: Case study analysis

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1) The analysis should justify the theory underpinning your response and should show how the theory is applied
2)Sources outside the prescribed text may be used and referenced. As a guide, it is expected that you have at least 3 – 5 references (trade articles and academic journals) for each case study analysis. Penalties will be applied if your response is descriptive and fail to include references and evidence to support your answer, the reference no later than 1999should be new.

3)I will attach the case study with the Case study analysis rubric to make sure of the important things to do
And I will attach the specific Harvard Style which is related my school

Case study questions: Incredible India: Evolution of Brand India

1) From the study conducted by Nielsen India for the Ministry of Tourism, what do you infer? Base your judgment on metrics used in the assessment report and evaluate the “Incredible India” campaign against the metrics. Note: Gain your insights by paying attention to the figures shown in the respective tables presented in the case study. (5 marks)

2) Evaluate the four brand strategies stated in the case and analyse the pros and cons of each of the strategies. What is your brand strategy to help rejuvenate the brand image of “incredible india”? (5 marks)

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