Case Study

Topic: Case Study

Order Description
You are to select a disaster from anywhere in the word that has occurred in the last 15 years.

Students will undertake an examination of this incident. A commentary of the event should be prepared including:

–A description of the event.

–An analysis of how the management of the event accorded with best practice principles in relation to the disaster management cycle (PPRR model must be used – see below for information)

–A discussion of how the lessons learned from the event may be applied in the future.

The assignment should demonstrate your analytical abilities, an understanding of the basic principles and the ability to address the issues.

Step 1 – Work out the disaster and then give a brief description
Step 2 – Analyse using PPPR
Step 3 – What could be better? Give recommendations – these can be in dot point form.

Topic – whatever there is relevant information on. Hurricane Katrina? Cyclone Yazi? Ebola? Swine Flu? Boxing Day Tsunami?
Perhaps a coroners report would be helpful to see what went wrong?
Would be good to have information in the case study on ambulance/paramedic officers/services in relation to the disaster.

For references – wikipedia is okay but not preferred. If there are other sources (e.g. news articles) they wouldd be better but wikipedia is okay if information is limited.

**This case study must use the Comprehensive Approach – PPRR Model for the analysis part. That is, Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. An addition file will be uploaded on this.

**Marking criteria will be uploaded as a picture.

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