Case studies for MGN409 Assessment 3.

case study

Case studies for MGN409 Assessment 3.
You are to choose one article to analyse using management theories covered this semester.
Case 1 – Why a simple tortilla wrap is so important to McDonalds
Case 2 – Can Marissa Mayer save Yahoo?
Case 3 – The Sun Tzu at Sears
Case 4 – Let the games begin
or an organisation of your choice
The cases merely represent the starting point for your assignment. There is other material available dealing with the specific issue/s raised in the article to be found on the web. For example, Bloomberg TV has interviews with many of the managers named in the articles, often complementary to the article.
Your task is to provide an analysis of your selected case study by selecting and using appropriate theory from those that have been covered this semester. In practice this means that you need to make sense of the case study by imposing a template over it of the theories covered this semester and choosing the one that best explains what is happening in the case study. The purpose is to how the theory you select has (or has not) been used in the case including where you can see that an incorrect or ineffective use of theory has been detrimental to the organisation. In using theory to do this, you need to keep in mind that there are a number of different levels of theory. By this I mean there is the general theory (e.g. planning is a general level theory which claims that if you carrying out planning, then you organisation has a good chance of success) and then within each theory there are various elements which cover specific aspects of the planning process. It is not expected that you use every element of the key theory that you select. You need to use those elements of the theory which are directly relevant to your case study. Of course you need to justify this selection by reference to examples from both the management literature (theory) and the case (the practical) to provide support/justification/evidence that substantiates your argument. You then need to formulate two recommendations which you are putting forward to address the issues you raise in your analysis. These recommendations need to be brief, and follow the SMART guidelines. You should also take into account any economic considerations in your recommendations.
this is the feedback from the teacher
Feedback from teacher for my assignment (he does not like my assignment)
Hi Mohammed your assignment is very poor
I have had a quick look at your assignment and much of the first page or so of it is not really needed – you should be devoting your words to your analysis – not in simply describing stuff. You need to keep the purpose of the assignment clear in your mind. You are using a specific theory to analyse what is happening at Yahoo. Stick to this purpose. And continually ask yourself “why is this [whatever you are discussing] important to your analysis”. And while I have not looked at your recommendations, you need to keep them simple and concise/precise – no more than two or three sentences, and complying with the SMART principles.
Pleas following this outline from teacher:-
1- Issues and clangers A- ( find theory that applies best to the case study and explain briefly why it does )
B- Identify the main element or parts of this theory that apply to the case study ( say 2-4) and for each element/ level/part, explain:

Connect issues and challenges with theory ( make sure just one theory apply )

2- Analysis this section it must be bigger ( will achieve 30% of my assignment ) in this section follow this:
– Does this part/element/level/ work well in this case study? Why? (Justify your answer by referring to the theory.
– Does it work poorly? Why?
– If it works poorly, what should it look like if it worked well?
– What is the effect on the company if it is not working well?
( all these above is your analysis which should show maybe an instance of element working well, but mainly should focus on what is not working effectively)

Recommendation (please delete your recommendation because the teacher do not like it)
Just develop 2 recommendation from your analysis to fix these parts and make them work better for the benefit( and include their economic costs/benefits if applicable) of the company ( again referring the case study and the theory) keep them simple and concise/precise – no more than two or three sentences, and complying with the SMART principles.

– You must link the theory to the case study when appropriate
– You are arguing a case for fixing or improving the issues/ challenges you have outlined from your analysis of the case study situation.


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