Case Of Methamphetamine

Review the Case Study #4 Video File
and answer the 4 questions below. Substantive answers should be at least 2 paragraphs where a paragraph is
at least 5 sentences.

  1. Which one of the four main categories of drugs discussed in the textbook does methamphetamine fall into,
    and what are that category’s main effects?
  2. In the video, reporter Steve Suo says that 85% of the property crime in Oregon is directly attributable to
    methamphetamine abuse. What is the relationship between dehumanization and property crime, and how
    might that apply specifically to methamphetamine users committing property crimes?
  3. According to the video, methamphetamine use has been curbed drastically in Oregon because of classifying
    pseudoephedrine as a prescription drug. The pharmaceutical industry stands to lose quite a lot of money in the
    event that this sort of approach is more widely adopted across the US, and is lobbying actively against it. If it
    meant you had to get a prescription to get common cold medicine, would you be for or against making
    pseudoephedrine a prescription drug?
  4. Is drug addiction sinful? Explain your answer.
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