case assignment

case assignment

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The video cases are real recordings of real leaders from real companies. Many of the leaders are middle
managers who have faced a significant leadership challenge. Some leaders have been successful while others
have been less successful. These cases are assigned to you so that you may learn from their leadership
experiences and where possible, emulate their positive, effective actions and avoid the mistakes that these
leaders may have made.
The Video Case assignment requires you to connect the reading material (text and assigned readings) to the
case, analyze and evaluate the various components of the case, and apply the course material directly to the
case. Your analysis should focus on understanding the overall situation, the challenge(s) presented, the leader’s
decision, and YOUR analysis of the effectiveness of the leader’s decision. You should also comment on whether you believe that the leader was changed as a result of the challenge faced.
Your case analysis should be presented as a business report with a table of contents, headings, subheadings etc.It should be checked for grammar, spelling, flow, and consistency. It should be constructed as one report and not as many components of different reports pasted together.
The following should be the key sections of the report:
1. Situation Analysis – what is the situation that the leader is facing – try to frame the situation within the
reading material for the week, using the relevant terms where possible.
2. Core challenge – what is the core challenge or the decision at hand?
3. Leader’s Options – what options does the leader have – which of these options are recognized by the leader
which are not? Be sure to consider all options – and use the course material to derive some of these options.
4. What was the leader’s decision? Do you agree with this decision? If yes, why do you agree? If not, what do
you believe that the leader should have done? Frame your answer within the course material.
5. The outcome – Is the leader surprised by the outcome? Are you surprised? Why or why not?
6. Conclusion – Material Integration – What is your overall conclusion about this case? Do you believe that the
leader would have acted differently if he / she had read the material? What other insights can you gain from the
material as it relates to the case?
7. Learning – What was the key learning for you from this case?
You can submit your analysis as a word document or as a power point presentation

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