Case Analysis – Serious About Safety

Case Analysis GuidelinesPreview the document(PDF)
After reviewing the guidelines, study the information from the Office of the Inspector General regarding fines, sanctions, or convictions stemming from maintenance practices by companies or individuals at the following link:

DOT Office of Inspector General Aviation Safety Criminal Investigation (Links to an external site.)(External HTML link)
Chose one of the aircraft maintenance reports and then conduct further research to find any additional information on the maintenance related issue and safety impacts. Address these questions in your analysis:

What was the investigation centered on and what was the source of the problem?
Is the company or one individual at fault?
Does it appear the company culture allowed or overlooked the misconduct?
Was the flying public endangered by the actions? Why or why not?
Is the problem a common one investigated in maintenance activities?
Following the Case Analysis Guidelines, prepare a short two-page paper which provides the details of your findings and justification of your analysis. Include a cover page and reference page in your written document. Your submission is expected to be grammatically sound, free of spelling errors and formatted according to the APA 6th Edition. Provide at least one in-text citation and separate reference page to support your research. Save your document (acceptable file types: .doc, .docx, or .rtf) using the following file naming convention: amnt424_ca2_lastname, replacing lastname with your last name.

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