Analyze the situation facing the firm at the time of the case (case is given ) and make detailed suggestions for future action. You should assume that you are taking the role of a web and business analytics consultant that your professor is the client who has provided you with the case study as a way to familiarize you with the situation. This is NOT an exercise in repeating the facts in the case. The very best case analyses are those that incorporate key concepts from the course.
Some debrief questions to be answered and integrated into the analysis (questions are given).

1. Executive Summary: This section summarizes the major problems facing the company
and the proposed solution. It also outlines some of the methods used to arrive at the
recommended actions. This should be short but structured so that your client would be satisfied
with the summary would not need to look through the body of the analysis. In addition, this
section should summarize the answers of debrief questions.

2. Assessment of Current Situation : Here one examines critically the current history of the
firm to determine its strengths and weakness and how these derived from past actions of the firm.
This assessment may include an analysis of customers, competitors, and environmental threats
facing the company as well as any distinctive advantages it may have in competing in such a
situation. Here, DO NOT REPEAT CASE FACTS unless they are relevant to your point. You
should assume that the audience is your client and therefore the ones who provided you with the
case information. In other words, they are very familiar with the information since they have been living the case up until the time that they engaged your agency. You should use various analytical techniques (SWOT) to make your points. You should include a slide “Big Rock Issue” in this section – what is the main task you need to solve in this case analysis.
3. Strategic Options : This includes a list of the general directions the firm might go which
could resolve its problems. With each option should be an assessment of the advantages and
disadvantages to the firm. You should highlight your chosen option and why it was preferred
above the others presented.
4. Tactical Plan : This section outlines the implementation of the preferred option. The
tactical plan involves (but is not limited to) such issues as the actual size and composition of the
promotional budget, contingency plans in the event of competitor response, or the timing and
implementation of your plan.

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