Career Intervention Proposal

Topic: Career Intervention Proposal

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I want this to target african americans
I want it to have the client centered theorectical framework of Rodgers

A mental health clinic at a community center or church. To increase the liklihood that will attend because it is more inconspicuous. Also most african americans have a negative view of mental health clinics.
Students will be required to propose a career intervention for a specific special population you would be interested in working with in the school, rehabilitation, community, corrections, or mental health clinic settings. The intervention should be targeted toward a specific population and should reflect research related to that population in general as well as research on career theories and activities specific to that population. The paper should be formatted in APA style including in-text citations with reference page. All students will share their proposals during our class on 3/24 and 3/31.
The proposal should include all the following elements:
• A discussion of the specialized population you wish to serve with your intervention and why you wish to serve this population. You may use the assigned text as a jumping off point but should have 3 new sources (articles, books) you have looked at to provide the above information.
• A brief discussion of the theoretical framework(s) you propose to use with your population and that will shape the activities you have selected
• A listing and brief description of the activities that will be part of the intervention as well as the time frame for your intervention (You may use elements of others work but do not copy another individual’s program in its entirety.)
• Include a copy of an assessment you will use to measure the program’s effectiveness or detailed information on how you will measure the effectiveness

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