Capstone project abstract: preventing of patient falls in an acute care setting


Guidelines/Instructions for the capstone project
The professional development capstone project in nursing must be well researched. It must rely on a needs assessment and analysis that assures the proposed project is relevant. The professional development implemented plans and impact must be reliable and academically defensible,
through the application of well-documented research and evaluation methodologies.
The sum of all the work is captured and presented in an abstract and poster. The abstract must
communicate effectively the theoretical and research-based framework for the professional
development nursing plan and recommendation to address the phenomenon, along with the
findings, results and/or educational materials in a professional manner to be presented to
appropriate leaders, faculty, administrators, and students. This capstone project provides a clear
demonstration and presentation of the design, implementation, and evaluation of the professional
development for improvement in nursing research, education, practice, and public health/policy.

 Abstract of the capstone project include

1: Background
2: Problem
3: Methods
4: Results
5: Recommendations
6: Conclusion
7: References

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