Capitalizing on Global & Regional Integration.

Read Ch. 8 – Capitalizing on Global & Regional Integration.
Do some outside internet research and find two articles on the EU (European Union). The articles must be
current (in 2019-2020).
The EU is facing challenges from within the EU and in its relations with non-EU nations. Major issues over the
past several years have included the impact of the Euro on its smaller members and migration from Middle
East. Now it is facing major challenges because of Brexit by Great Britain and the impact of the pandemic on
individual EU nations.
Write a 2 page overview.
What did you learn from the articles? Do a good summary of the articles.
What are your thoughts on the future of the EU?
What do you think about global and regional integration, both economic and political? (use concepts learned in
the text)
What economic/political/cultural impact does the EU have on your target company, even if indirectly?
Cite your sources. You will be graded based on the depth of your analysis

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