Cantebury Tales- Caritas and Cupiditas

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write a paper of 1000 words explaining Chaucer’s use of the contrast between caritas and cupiditas as he instructs his audience. You will incorporate references and quotes to the Pilgrims of the General Prologue and to both “The Pardoner’s Tale” and “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”. Establish a thesis at the end of an introductory paragraph, and then illustrate that thesis in a variable number of paragraphs. Pay special attention to topic sentences of your paragraphs. Everything in the paragraph should contribute to an understanding of the topic sentence, just as every topic sentence should refer to the thesis in some way. Do not write a 5-paragraph essy; you may discuss caritas in several paragraphs before moving on to cupiditas, or vice versa. No paragraph should exceed half a page. Do include a short conclusion that alludes to Chaucer’s overall purpose in writing the Tales. Never say “In conclusion” or use similar formulas. Just write it (the conclusion). Avoid Passive Voice, indefinite “this” or “it”, and check that you have no run-on sentences or sentence fragments.

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