Cancer Biology

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Briefly discuss Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor Signalling pathways, with focus on FGF-7 and enabling cell functions such as cell migration, proliferation, differentiation, cell death.

critically analyse the effect: over-expression of FGF-7 has in breast and cervical cancer patients. emphasise greatly on cervical cancer patients. discuss changes in cell function such as cell migration, cell proliferation, cell viability. Discuss FGF-7s role in wound healing and relate it to cancer development.

Critically discuss the role of FGF-7 expression in embryonic development; and relate how it may impact or knowledge may be applied/beneficial to cancer research.

critically discuss the associations of over-expression FGF-7 has with cervical cancer and other types of cancer and how it may serve as a novel therapeutic approach for Tyrosine kinase growth factor inhibitors.

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