Can You Really Hear The Music… When Your Deaf

Can You Really Hear The Music… When Your Deaf

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These are the guidelines for the proposal including some information you will require.

Written Assignment Proposal
Students are expected to submit a written proposal regarding their subject should they choose to write about a topic different than the ones suggested. A two-page proposal should be submitted to the written assignment administrator and should cover the following information:

Tentative Title
Suggested title for your essay.
Can You Really Hear The Music… When Your Deaf?
Topic, Aims and Objectives
Subject area to be researched and the aims and objectives of the proposed research.
State what will be included and what will be excluded from discussion.
Rationale and Relevance
Why did you choose the particular topic and how is it relevant to the recoding/music industry?
I became fascinated with deaf musicians a few years ago after watching a program on the BBC which featured ‘Dame Evelyn Glennie’, who is a deaf percussionist. After which I began thinking about deaf people in general and how they perceive and enjoy music, particularly if they have been deaf from birth.
How do you intend to go about researching the subject? State your methodology and some of your proposed research sources (this means that a certain amount of preliminary research must be done before submitting the proposal but does not need to be conclusive at this point).
Online, SAE library, local library, British Library.
Proposed Structure
Describe the structure of your work in the form of main headings (within the main body).
Sample Bibliography
3-5 sources of bibliography (please use correct bibliography formatting).

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