Campus Technology and the Future



Rapid changes in technology forces institutions of higher education to redefine learning, how it is delivered, measured and evaluated. Leaders in higher education will help define best practices and shape how students and faculty will embrace how technology is used to further the educational mission of the institution. . For this discussion, you will research the status of technology at your institution by interviewing the Chief Information Officer/Director of Information Technology.



Following the arrangement of the interview appointment, prepare your interview questions including what do they feel the status of technology on the campus is, what aspects do they worry about the most, and what do they think the next decade holds for technology on the campus.



Based on your interview as well as lesson materials. share the information learned in the Chief Information Officer interview with your class colleagues as well as your perspectives following the interview.. Please include the name of the individual interviewed, title, and to which position in administration does the individual directly report. Provide the questions you were able to ask and the responses of the CIO in the interview. Remember that this activity is meant to provide honest and insightful perspectives on institutional technology, funding priorities, and hopes for the future from the perspective of the CIO, a key campus administrator.




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