Calculate your ecological footprint

Calculate your ecological footprint

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Calculate your ecological footprint
using the tool at
Identify the elements of your footprint that personal, structural, and in a grey area between personal and structural. Determine what you could change to impact your footprint and calculate the impact these changes would have.
Write a brief (250-500 words) summary of the changes you would make and your assessment of the impact these changes would have.

I have ordered this project with you guys before and I have my instructors comment that I will put it here for you. I am also going to attach the same paper that you guys have completed for me a few months ago with my instructors comment that need to be fix in this version of a paper so please go ahead and look into those comments first and prepare the paper according ally. The comments are as following:

1. Given the assignment for this project, including its length, Susan, you could dive right into focus on your own ecological footprint experience rather than write several sentences about eco-calculators.
2. How much impact would these changes have on your ecological footprint? How do you feel about making these changes? Would these be easy or difficult for you?
3. Again, for this paper, your conclusion should focus on your eco-calculator experience.
4. You have clearly identified changes that you could make to reduce your ecological footprint, but I would like to read more about what you think the impact of making these changes would be, which was a requirement of this assignment. Be sure to read assignments carefully both before you begin work on a project and when you feel that you are close to completing the project to check to be sure that you have met all of the assignment requirements.

So as you can see there is a huge emphasis on what the impact of making these changes would be, which was a requirement of this assignment.

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