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Fundamentals of Value Creation

Required Summer Reading Book Report

Contents of your report:

Protagonist Paragraph- The protagonist is the lead character or hero of the story. You will write
a paragraph about the protagonist of the story. This can include physical characteristics, age.
interests, etc… It also must include at least two character traits, words that describe the
character’s personality, for the protagonist and you must say how you know that the protagonist
possesses those traits. You should use embedded quotes to support your traits.

Antagonist Paragraph- The antagonist is the person or force that is against the protagonist A
force can be anything from nature to the character’s own emotions. You will write a paragraph
about how the antagonist is against the protagonist, explaining why they are the antagonist. It also
must include at least two character traits of the antagonist, if the antagonist is a person. and you
must explain how you know that the antagonist possesses those traits. You should use
embedded quotes to support your traits.

Conflict Paragraph- You should explain in a paragraph or a few paragraphs what the main
conflict or problem is in the story. You must state if the conflict is internal or external (usually
both will be present). If there are multiple conflicts then explain the most important ones.

Setting Paragraph- You should explain in a paragraph the time and place where the story is set.
You should explain how the setting changes if the story takes place in multiple places or times.
Explain why the setting is important to the story, which would include the social and political
climate and how that affects the characters or the plot

Point of View Paragraph- You should state what point of view the story is told from and how you
know. Say if it is in first person or third person. You will write a paragraph explaining how the
point of view affects the story. Explain why the point of view might be important, including the
characteristics of the narrator that might affect how they tell the story.

Rising Action~ You should discuss in a paragraph the three most important events that build the
rising action of the novel. After explaining each event you should tell why that event was
important to the plot. Explain how each event builds suspense or complicates the conflict.

Climax and Resolution Paragraph- The climax is the moment in the story that is the turning
point (it is also usually intense and exciting”). You should write a paragraph explaining the climax
of the story, why that is the climax, and then the resolution that follows it.

Theme Paragraph- You should write a paragraph about two themes of the book The theme is
what the book teaches you about life. You should state in this paragraph how you knew these were
themes. Remember a theme must be universal. You should use quotes that were important in the
book to teach these themes. Also. you should make connections to themes in other works we’ve

Collegiate Summer Reading List Page 2

Guidelines for your report:

Your report should be typed in 12-point regular font (Ariel, Calibri, Times New Roman).
and should be double spaced. You should title your report Book Report: Title ofBook and put
your heading in the upper right hand corner of the page like we learned in class. You should use
complete sentences and correct grammar and spelling.

Your paragraphs will be graded considering the rubric rows of word choice and
sentence fluency. Please pay special attention to these.
Project description
essay is based on two sections, the discussion section that should contain 1000 words (4pages) and the extra 2 pages are for the excel calculations for cash flow, weighted average cost of capital, and finding the NPV, payback period, IRR, PI, etc. Below are the detailed instructions.

FBL5030 Fundamentals of Value Creation Assignment 3 Semester 1, 2014 General Instructions


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