Business Review Case Study on Wikipedia

Assignment One is based on the Harvard Business Review Case Study on Wikipedia.
Study the case carefully and the recommended sources in the reading list.
Attempt the following tasks

Task A
Using relevant analytical frameworks critically analyse the strategic capability of Wikipedia (1500 words, 12.5%)

Task B
To what extent could prescriptive models of strategy be used to explain the strategic success of Wikipedia? (1500 words, 12.5 %)

Critical discussion and application of relevant models and concepts on strategic capabilities to understand the competitive advantage of Wikipedia

Critical examination of conventional strategic management models to explain the success Wikipedia (25 marks)

Discussion of contemporary models/ studies such as complexity theory, chaos and positive returns economics that may give an insight into Wikipedia’s explosive growth

Academic protocol – quality of academic references, the presentation of these and the overall structuring and format of the business report

Upon successful completion of the assessment, students will be able to: analyse the aims, concept and role of strategic management

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