Business Portfolio Assignments

Business Portfolio Assignments

The course is business writing. Please, I would like you to do a perfect work. Follow the instructions clearly.

Students must complete two of the following assignments: (feel free to choose any two of these)

A. Research & Report
Research recent trends in “business writing”.  Use at least 3 credible sources, and summarize your findings in a 2 page report (500-750 words).  To complete this assignment you must first research how to prepare a proper summary.

B. Editing Online Material
Identify at least 2 poorly written websites.  Edit and improve the quality of the writing on the site.  In total, your re-write must be no fewer than 500 words.  Please include proper working links to the sites you work on.

C. Style Guide
Develop a clear style guide for your business of choice. Your guide must include instructions for inter-office e-mail, client communication, social media and corporate communications.  Provide fully written samples for all modes of communication.

D. Understanding Audience
Draft a series of sales letters for a new business you plan to open. Use one letter to appeal to potential customers. In a second letter, appeal to potential investors.  In total, the two letters should include 500-750 words. To complete this assignment you must first research how to prepare a proper sales letter.

E. Annotated Bibliography
Select an industry (e.g. retail, sporting goods, automotive, etc.) in which you’d like to open a business.  Find at least five credible sources that examine businesses within your chosen industry, and prepare an annotated bibliography.
To complete this assignment you must first research how to prepare a proper annotated bibliography.  The annotation for each source should be 100-150 words in length.

F. Blogging
Examine how “business writing” is written about in the blogosphere.  Find at least three blogs that regularly focus on writing in the business world. Evaluate the usefulness of each blog under the following criteria:

Audience – who is meant to read the blog?
Purpose – why does the blog exist?  what is its agenda?
Source – who is the author of the blog?  what makes this person qualified to produce the blog? is the author well qualified?  does he/she write well?
Your assignment must include working links to the sites you examine.  Please write at least 500 words.

G. Bad News
Part 1.
Use the Internet to research how to give bad news. Based on your findings, establish your own methodology for giving bad news. Your process should be explained in a point-by-point order. Make sure to include at least five steps. Explain each of your steps clearly.
Part 2.
Find an example video clip of someone delivering bad news. Critique the individual’s delivery. Refer to your methodology and asses the following:

How effective is the individual’s method of delivery?

Which of your steps does the individual get right? Why?

Which of your steps does the individual miss or mess up? Why?

How could the individual improve his/her method?

How would you handle the situation?

Your methodology and critique should be approximately 500-750 words in length. Use APA to cite your source.  Provide a working link to the video you critique.

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