Business Planning & Organization: Departmental Plan

In this assessment, you will create a departmental plan to address the corporate initiative of doubling sales
outlined in the scenario below. The scenario presented here will be applicable to the next assessment as well.
Choose one of the following functional areas with which to base your assessment work.
Sales and marketing.
Operations and production.
Accounting and finance.
Note: Review each of the following resources. You will need them to complete this assessment.
Imagine that your application to Atha was successful and have been working as manager for a short time in the
department you chose above when the Atha CEO shares the following communications with staff:
Presentation From the CEO.
CEO’s Sales Goal Announcement [PDF]. attached
CEO’s Memo to Managers [PDF]. attached
Organizational charts. (Note: To meet the distinguished level for the reorganization criterion for this
assessment, you will need to update one of these charts to reflect your suggested organizational changes).
Accounting and Finance Organizational Chart [DOCX]. attached
Operations and Production Organizational Chart [DOCX]. attached
Sales and Marketing Organizational Chart [DOCX]. attached

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