Business Plan Start

The capstone assignment for BUS 460, Business Strategy, along with the assignments in this course are
designed to demonstrate that students have achieved the learning outcomes established for the undergraduate
program in the College of Business and Management. The learning outcomes for this assignment include:
Explain the strategic planning process including values, mission, and vision (SLO 12.1).
Apply the strategic options and tactics a firm may select to grow a business (SLO 12.2).
Ethical and responsible decision-making and problem solving (SLO 13.1).
Exhibit an understanding of how the external environment plays into the selection of strategic objectives
through the use of a SWOT analysis (12.3).
Demonstrate critical thinking skills (SLO 13.4).
Demonstrate writing skills (SLO 13.6)
Confirm the critical importance that appropriate communication plays in the execution of the strategic initiatives
Describe and explain aspects of the business plan including executive summary, mission statement, innovative
and strategic posture, key issues.
Demonstrate proficiency in business writing, including APA 7th ed. standards and citations, references,
grammar, punctuation, headings, title page, and quality of sources with emphasis on scholarly references
within the most recent two years (SLO 13.6)

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