Business Plan Presentation

Make a recorded or narrative PowerPoint presentation or short video summarizing his/her Business Plan design project.
This presentation is worth 50 points of the total course grade.
Your recorded or narrative presentation should be delivered as though you are speaking to someone who is going to use your Business Plan you have prepared

.Rubric Name: Business Plan Project: Part III Rubric

BP Presentation Covered Company and Product/Service Including Basic Description Business Product or Service Legal structure Location & Facilities

BP Presentation Covered Market Research Including: Identify Market Segments Customer and Competitor Analysis

BP Presentation Covered Marketing and Sales Plan Including Product, Price, Place, Promotion

Financial Plan Presentation Includes: Estimated Sales & Profits

Presentation Mechanics Is Clear, concise with a logical sequence of information. PowerPoint (if applicable): Check spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation and sentence structure.

Creativity and Overall Impression: Keeps the Audience attention Helps make plan visually attractive to the audience

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