Business Plan Development for shipping & Freight company

Business Plan Development for shipping & Freight company
Business plan should be:
Use double-spacing with one-inch top, bottom, left, and right margins; use Times-New-Roman size 12 font. You must include a title page and a reference page. An abstract and a running-header are not necessary.
A minimum of 6 references. References should have authors. Any form of wiki or dictionary is considered an unacceptable reference. All works listed on the reference page must be cited in your work and all citations appearing in your work must appear on your reference page.
In addition to your cover page and References page(s), 16 pages are expected.
Refer to the APA Publications Guide, 7th edition for appropriate format guidance. See tips in Doc Sharing and/or go to the OWL at Purdue for APA guidance.
The new company will be: Wolfe Trucking, LP and is freight and shipping company that supports the construction industry in the Northeast United States. The transportation of goods, not just for construction but everything, is a vital part of the economy.
I would like to discuss the basics of developing a business “from scratch” that include: startup expenses, services, market analysis – suppliers, manufacturers, and distribution of construction goods, target markets – Northeastern United States construction industry, Development requirements – management, trucks, personnel, marketing, etc. and even a competitive edge for being a minority owned business (Women owned business).
Feel free to discuss additional things that would help support the business plan. I would like this business plan to be similar to the one in the link below, just for reference only.

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