Business Plan

Business Plan

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The business plan is a delivery service where you can order from anywhere etc (restaurants, pharmacies, stores). In the Central London.
My professor has given the us 100,000 £ start up.
Need everything to be done in £

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IonCampus Assignment Brief Busmess M2 H)” N DA
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ment explains the details of your assessment, please read it carefully.
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3.” dlrfication/Programme. Undergraduate Foundation Programme: Business P‘s‘ 6W?
5 o ule Name: Module 2 – Setting up a business 3oc w
Dtart Date: January 2015 or March 2015
eadline Date: March 2015 or June 2015 (exact date to be confirmed by your tutor) Q‘O‘
Module learning outcomes:
Understand the purpose and key parts of a business plan
Know how strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats impact a business
Know how to assess sources of finance and be able to construct and interpret financial forecasts
0 Know what makes an effective business plan
0 Work in a team
0 Learn Harvard Style referencing
Assignment Title: Introduction to Business
This assignment requires that you demonstrate that you can:
0 Understand business theory and concepts
0 Able to apply theory and concepts to different types of businesses
0 Able to analyse the implications for businesses
0 Able to offer an opinion or make a judgement
You will be marked against the following criteria: see marking scheme
Assignment Purpose:
For learners to demonstrate their understanding of setting up a business.
This assignment counts for 100% of your module mark and 30% of your overall grade for Business Studies.
The pass mark for this assignment is 40%.
Assi nment Instructions:
For this assignment you need to submit one group business plan of 3000 words, and give one group presentation detailing your business
idea. Use the following details to help structure your business plan. a
r t
Business idea
1. Give a detailed explanation of the goods or services your business plans to provide
2. Include: product, prices, sizes, type of service and deals/ offers
3. Logo, reasons for your business name and design
4. Market slze
3. Statistics and encouraging factual research to justify your‘reasons for opening
5. Market segment 4
3. Explain your reasons for choosing the market segmentts)
6. Main competitors
a. Strengths : product, price, place & promotion
b. Weaknesses : product, price, place & promotion
c. How will you different from your competitors (give a list of ideas)
7. Range of Primary research – results should be analysed
8. Range of Secondary research -results should be analysed
which legal structure have you decided to choose? Explain your reasons why (justify) If”
7 ye 2 1:2: EL:
s y; ._ ed to locate your business and whY (J’USWY)

{a not their daily responsibilities
r ,. .. if, . , – ‘ 7’ I. 9-5:.
31° ract’arrangements . ‘ fin”- .7 7
flhuallfications/ skills ” . y
v 5″ if!
1 I
r iii? (7:55,
i Details of your chosen sources of finance (short and long-term) ‘4‘.
Give reasons for your choice over others (Justify) I i
7; in; List of start-up costs
l Fixed and variable costs ‘ ” ‘ 4. r
I. ‘ _ I .17“ ,7
Em-2’ roduce the followmg: ‘ w
16. Sales budget
17. Cost budget
y = 18. Production budget
19. Analyse each budget (one paragraph each) ; 43‘s….
{I}: ‘ . 3;}. g
Financial forecast – produce the followmg: vs 7, V
20. Break even chart _ I
k 21. Cash flow forecast
22. Analyse each chart (one paragraph each) , g
Ly: . r???
g y .«T
SWOT anal is
gaisftomplete a detailed SWOT Of Your bUSIness. Be Specificand reanstic ” – *’ We ~~ ~,Wé<f_f
a ” ’ ’23s-
taskesearch and additional information – a i
-.-i‘1::, ‘9;
3;; lagoursework (unless direct otheMise by your tutor) must be word processed, double spaced, Justified, fully referenced using: i
and in size 12 font, with page numbers and the word count. The word count does not include end of text references,
91>, . . . 3′ “11’1‘757′. “7′
Jar-correct Harvard Style referencmg is very important. _ 7
r .59: . , . , . . . . . – -, “9-32 .1 ‘55:
rei‘i’ ired to submit an electronic copy to a plagiarism checker usmg the web5ite
rkfiisdtnmunicated back to you at the same time as your examination results for other examinations VI8~¥Qgfi§d§ig§ir
H ‘ ~ 5,0; 3:”; ‘V ‘ .i
i i j: _ minis-{1.33
fiF-lg’“f_.i _ .f if kg“?-
£2953″ :7
r a ,3 5:st expected of you please speak to your tutor. – v I


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