Business Plan


Part 1: Prepare a report for potential investors to justify their involvement in a project, new business idea, business start-up or other form of investment you would like them to make. This should follow the format of a business plan.
The report should make clear why they should consider investing in your idea. You should use module concepts and models to convince them of the viability and attractiveness of your proposal. You should justify the returns expected with the use of at least two financial techniques.
Part 2: You are also required to prepare and submit a set of suitable PowerPoint (or equivalent) presentation slides which would be appropriate to support a ‘pitch’ to your potential investors promoting your idea. The slides must be submitted as an appendix to your Business Plan and should not be more than five slides long. 1st slide – introduction of the business idea. 2nd slide – segmentation and analysis of external environment ad slide – use strategy modules to highlight how business is going. 4th slide – financial modules using cash budget to justify cash inflow and spending. 5th slide – conclusion highlight the overall of the business idea.
Part 3: In retrospect and based on your analysis in Part (1) Critique your business idea (using module models and concepts), this could include:
Risks Weaknesses Whether you should proceed, defer or abandon your idea Limitations of models and concepts you have used


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