Business Law


For the last 5 years Simon has produced “You’re Hired” a business based TV talent show based in the UK where professional applicants compete for the role of CEO of his TV Production Company. Last season’s show saw increased viewing figures and higher advertising revenue due to the popularity of the head judge Kim who is a well-known celebrity and business woman and Simon has secured Kim’s exclusive participation in the show for another season. Simon is aware that Kim was recently the victim of a robbery in France and as part of the negotiation promised to provide Kim with a personal bodyguard 24 hour a day whilst the show is in production at a personal cost to him of £10,000 a day and this is stated in the contract which is written in accordance with English Law.

Following the finale of the show Simon arranges a party for the judges and contestants.
Kim’s bodyguard gets distracted and allows her to leave the party alone. On returning to the hotel without her body guard Kim is attacked and robbed of jewellery worth £5,000,000.
Kim wishes to continue working with Simon and so chooses not to try and sue him under contract for the bodyguard’s actions.

Accordingly advise Kim: –

1) Of the responsibilities owed to her by her body guard under the tort of negligence AND
2) Of the legal remedies that may be available to her AND
3) Of the alternative dispute resolution methods Kim may wish to consider to avoid court action

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