Business Ethics-Cultural Analysis

Business Ethics-Cultural Analysis

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This paper should be an in-depth investigation and analysis of the ethical culture and performance of a large American based organization based on course concepts. The organization should, if possible, be a prospective employer: a firm you might like to work for in the future. You will gather data through press reports, company Web sites and materials, personal observation, interviews, and other possible sources. Your analysis should be structured as follows:


A description of the organization and its operations.
An explanation of your interest in this group.
Cover the following elements and include both description and evaluation of each element:

How the organization prevents and responds to problematic and antisocial behaviors
Components of ethical culture, including the core beliefs these components are drawn from
Pertinent ethical concepts or theories, including details of each concept or theory
Cultural change efforts (ethical drivers), including the complexities of the ethical issues involved and cross-relationships among issues
Organizational citizenship/social performance
Ethical global citizenship and ethical diversity

Determine whether this is an ethically decoupled or an ethically transformed organization, and defend your choice against possible disagreements or objections.
Offer suggestions that could be provided to management for the improvement of the organization.
Indicate whether you would like to work for this organization based on your analysis and your own core beliefs or would recommend that others do so.
You may want to contact your mentor initially with a proposal about the organization you plan to study, including pertinent details. This way you can receive approval for your idea and proceed with confidence. Please note: The course Calendar indicates the date by which you should have decided on which organization will be the focus for this project.

Your mentor’s evaluation will be based on:

The quality of your research (evaluated for thoroughness and evidence of critical use of sources)
The adequacy of your description, including background (evaluated for thoroughness, clarity)
Evidence that you have comprehended and applied course concepts (evaluated for accuracy, completeness)
The depth of your analysis and observation and evidence that you recognize issues and their complexity (evaluated for evidence of critical thinking)
The adequacy of your conclusion (evaluated for evidence of support and quality of suggestions)
The quality of your writing (evaluated for correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and clear wording).

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