Business Ethics

M4-Written Assignment Answer the following questions, drawing upon the assigned readings and

resources and using specific examples from those readings and resources to illustrate and explain

your thoughts. In answering these questions, please follow this format: –write out the question

and then provide your response. –when you reference (name) a theory, cite your source using the

APA in–text citation style. –you must cite sources and provide bibliographic reference at the end

of the assignment. For an example of how to format this correctly, go to the Course Information

module, click on Course Readings and Materials and see the correct style for the textbook. The Shaw

& Barry (2013) text is your primary resource in this course. Assigned questions: thrashed Earth by

gideon_wright at Using at least two (2) of the foundational ethical theories studied in

Module 2, you should answer the following questions. With each answer, you should discuss the

issues and set forth and defend a clear position on whether or not any constraint ought to be

placed on the freedom of a business to: export capital for production abroad export commodities

which have been banned from sale in the United States downsize in the face of economic difficulty

break union contracts in the face of economic difficulty REMEMBER, YOU MUST USE AT LEAST TWO OF THE


dealt with all the subtleties of the particular theory. The answers to these questions can be found

in the text but merely quoting from the text or paraphrasing the text will earn minimal credit–the

answers should be in your own words and should involve some explanation and discussion of what

these concepts mean. While the schedule allows you to work on this at the same time as the group

discussion, I suggest you hold off finalizing and submitting your written assignment until you see

some of the group discussion–often the discussion raises issues or thoughts you can use in your

paper. Also, you will receive my comments on your original answer before the written assignment is

due and that should also provide you with some thoughts on structure or format. General Instruction

for Written Assignments Your written assignment is intended to test your understanding of important

concepts and discover how to sharpen your intellectual skills of analysis, synthesis, evaluation,

and application. The intent of the written assignment is to provide an opportunity to more fully

describe, explain, and analyze the books and other sources. When you submit your written

assignment, you may want to submit it as an .RTF file attachment, as these usually retain your

formatting. Throughout this course, there are four main resources that you can rely on that will

enable you to successfully complete written assignments: Empire State College’s Library and

Research Resources – link here for the web-based online library’s home page that can be reached any

time of day or night. Writing Resource Center – link here for access to writing resources developed

by Empire State College and the Genesee Valley Center Writing Program. Empire State College’s

Writer’s Complex – link here for writing tips and assistance. Please read the SUNY Empire State

College statement on Academic Integrity before submitting any work for this course. Be sure to cite

any and all sources correctly so that your academic integrity is not called into question.

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