Business Ethics

Business Ethics

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Introductory Paragraph
•Did the author show a general understanding of the issue at hand?
•Did the author mention two possible views on this issue?
•Did the author take a clear position?
•Was it clear why the author put the paragraphs in the particular order s/he did?
•Was there a logical relationship between the paragraphs?
•Did the author explain his/her transition between ideas?
•Was there a clear conclusion to the essay that wrapped up the paper and did not introduce any news ideas?
Analysis of Central Argument
•Did the author use quotes to explain the central argument?
•Did the author explain the philosophical arguments that were given in support of that position?
•Did it seem like the author genuinely understood the arguments?
Consideration of Possible Objection
•Did the author develop the criticism that s/he mentioned in the first paragraph?
Defense of Thesis
•Was it clear what position the author took?
•Did the author support her/his position with reasons?
•Was the argument convincing?
•Was the word count included, and between 1500-1650 words?
•Were there unnecessary words, sentences, or paragraphs?
•Were there spelling errors? Grammar mistakes?
•Were there awkward or confusing words/phrases?
•Was there a works cited page? Did the author cite each quote?
•Does the author use language effectively?
Revision Process
•Did the student promptly deliver two thorough and thoughtful peer evaluations?
•Did the student’s reflection paper demonstrate thoughtful and meaningful improvement by using peer reviews, the meeting with me, and her/his own self-reflection?
•Was the student prompt with the other due dates?

In this essay, I want to talk about foreign businesses and the Chinese government. As most people know, China has the Internet block, which makes businesses and news hard to get into China.
I also want to talk about the business’s autonomy.
In this paper, I will talk about the moral issue which is very serious. Making money or being honest. What should people do? What should company does? What should government does?
I chose Alibaba as an example. Alibaba been IPO in 2014 and been suited in January 2015 because of the fake product and seems they did not take care of the case very well.

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