Business Environment



BUS 5893 Applied Business Environment


Team Members: Brenda Valary York, Darlene L. Smith, SaschaSeurattan, Sam Layegh, Heather Davis, and Ryan Day1. Company name:Shock the Monkey Food Park
2. Company type: Limited liability company (LLC)
3. Description of the business (What is the product or service?)Shock the Monkey Food Park provides a family oriented, safe environment, promoting multi-cultural foods for food trucks to run their businesses in a clean, safe,
social environment in the thriving business/museum district of downtown Houston.
4. Business problem being solved or addressed (Why is this business needed?)Food trucks are a growing national trend that many people enjoy.  Having a central location of a variety of options, where families can picnic and each family member
can have their own choice of foods, is great for the community, and supports small business owners in the community. Houston currently only has one food truck park,
but the timing changes daily, and there is not a place for relaxing or enjoying your meal.  A true food truck park can be sucessful in Houston for the following
multiple reasons:
a) Services to be provided to truck vendors – water, sewage, grease trap, electricty, hot water heater (central mechanical room), waste mangement, park benches
(not table/chairs), advertisement of the park, it’s vendors, and entertainment/activites held at the park.Parking with Shock the Money includes advertise your truck on our social media.
b) Conveniences offered to patrons – variety/convenient/affordable option for a daily meal.  In the Houston Medical Center the restaraunts are the same – hospital
cafeteria, Chipotle/Subway,etc.  In a food truck park, vendors can be rotated monthly to ensure a multicultural menu, while maintaining a central location. Food trucks
will be vetted in advance for quality and variety.
c) Entertainment/social venue for patrons – the location/outside venue will be ideal to have lunch with colleagues in an open atmosphere, instead of a crowded,
noisy restaruant.  Meeting colleagues after work in an open atmosphere is relaxing after being indoors all day.  Scheduled entertainment will include local bands.
5. Target market (Who is your product or service for? Be specific.)Food truck owners that are unique, serve a variety of food, are cost effective, and provide good customer service would be the primary target market.  Although
enticing food trucks serving quality meals to rent space is vital, it is important to ensure promotion of the park in the correct arenas to ensure heavy traffic for
the vendors.  Shock the Monkey would market the local medical center lunch crowds from 11-3, social evening 5-8pm, weekend 11-10pm with local bands.
6. Who are your competitors?Shopping centers that allow food trucks to park and do business. Local restaurants, including hospital cafeterias, individual food
trucks, and other food truck parks such as Houston Food Truck Parking.
7. Market Niche (How are you different from your competitors?)
• Modern atmosphere, prime location, clean space,and free Wi-Fi. • Entertainment such as live music on Fridays and weekends, entertainment for kids. • Possible option to buy alcoholic beverages on weekends. • Safe with local police on site. • Special event weekends to include local farmers market vendors.• Convenient, social environment, providing sitting area.


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