Business Decision Making Assignment;

Business Decision Making Assignment;

Task 1
Task 1.1
–    Identify the problem for the research Facelift Ltd need to conduct for the given business scenario i. e office furniture merchant diversifying into home

furniture segments.
–    Identify the different sources for primary and secondary data collection for the proposed study.
–    Recommend how you should collect primary and secondary data.
–    Your answer should be presented in a report format.
Task 1.2
–    Provide the justification for each method you recommended for your research. Evaluate each method in line with the business context

Task 1.3
–    Prepare a set of questions you need to ask to your target respondents in order to obtain data relevant to your research explained above.
–    Use the nominal and rational scales as appropriate to design the questionnaires.

Task 2
Task 2.1
–    Tabulate data in excel sheet so that you could use them to find out Mean, Median , Mode  and analyse the results in the given business context.

Task 2.2
–    Use the information  from the table prepared above to calculate 1) Range  2) Semi-interquartile Range and 3)  Standard Deviation
–    Analyse the results to draw conclusions on the business performance and recommend the appropriate strategy for the Facelift Ltd to take the business ahead.
Task 2.3
–    Calculate quartiles and percentiles and correlation coefficient from the given data  and  use the information so derived  to make a conclusion of the sales of

two products provided and recommend a business plan for the future.

Task 3

Task 3.1
–    Using Excel or Word programs, prepare pie-charts, line charts and bar charts from the data given in the Assignment
–    Make comments on the business forecasts made for each types of products and develop the trend-lines of the sales growth.
Task 3.2
–    Identify business trends and develop the trend lines.
–    Explain how could you use trend-lines for projecting business for further years?

Task 3.3
–    Prepare a business presentation with the information given above with the help of power point slides with the appropriate supporting notes.
–    Give task 3 a report form by writing introduction at the beginning and the conclusion at the end.

Task 4
Task 4.1
–    Explain briefly what MIS (Management Information System) is and describe how MIS system could help to manage the increased pressure on the inventory management

brought out by the diversification to the home furniture segment.

Task 4.2
–    On the basis of the projected cash-flows provided, use the investment appraisal tools Accounting Rate of Return (ARR), Payback Period, Net Present Value(NPV)

and Internal Rate of Return(IRR)  to recommend the best supplier of MIS to Facelift Ltd.

Tasks 4.3

–    Prepare a PERT Network diagram on the activities provided in the assignment.
–    Calculate floats for the each activity to determine the critical path, which is the minimum time  to complete the project.


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