Business Communications

Business Communications
“The Presentation”
You are Richard Scott, the marketing head of a clothing company. Recently your firm added men’s fashions to its existing line of women’s fashions and children’s wear. You are making an8-minute presentation to your team about the new men’s clothing line and the TV advertising campaign that will be used to promote this product line. In your presentation you give all the reasons why your marketing department has chosen TV ads(Big audience of exposure, carry-over effects into different departments) as well as some of the weaknesses (high cost, narrow demographic of viewers, limited content) of TV ads.

By doing this, you want to educate your team about the plan, and prepare them for the types of questions about the campaign you anticipate will be asked by your retail store customers. Questions might include product features that were not addressed other than what was mentioned in the ads, delivery times, payment terms, and other products that were not featured in the advertising.

Using MS Word, prepare an outline of a slide presentation to accompany your presentation.Describe each slide and its content. (Slide 1: Title. Content of slide 1. Slide 2: Title. Content of slide 2. Etc.) Please note, you are not expected to make this presentation in class.
Elements Professional Mid-Management Entry Level
Purpose Start with a S.M.A.R.T. goal in your purpose statement. What do you hope to achieve with this presentation. Correctly identify the type of presentation.
(2 Marks) The outline has the purpose explicitly stated on a slide within the presentation.

(1 Mark) There is no discernable purpose to your presentation.
(0 Marks)
Audience Explicit answers to the questions:
What do your employees care about? What motivates your employees?
What is the best pattern of organization?
(2 Marks) Simple list of project advantages
(1 Mark) No list of project advantages
(0 Marks)
Information The reasons in favour are listed and backed up with evidence. Drawbacks are also listed. Transition from point to point with a signpost.
(2 Marks) Some reasons in favour but no disadvantages

(1 Mark) No information in the proposal
(0 Marks)
Benefits WIIFM is explicit
(2 Marks) WIIFM is unclear
(1 Mark) No WIIFM
(0 Marks)
Objections The disadvantages of the product line are overcome or deemphasised
(1 Mark) — No consideration of objections
(0 Marks)
Context No more than eight (8) slides.
(1 mark) — 9 or more slides
(0 Marks)

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