business communication.

business communication.
Assessment typology for reports and essay and typology foe presentations

Style and format – 2000 – 2500 words

Approach & purpose with marketing scheme – criterion- 30% – Quality 50% – significance 20% – style and ipsative

Assessment need done together summaries with power-point slides (max 20 slide with simple own words) which need to presentation after submitted assignment.

Assignment details need to create to power-point, need to present assignment detail. (Assessment typology for report and essay, Assessment PowerPoint for presentation,)

For assessment is essay/report + PowerPoint The assignment need introduction a company, recommendation and reference. at the end of the assignment must put references.

Below are the guideline that for structure of assignment.

Please refer to attach file for all objective and requirement for the assignment.

Business Communicatio


-the important of business communication.

-the ”company”. (any popular SINGAPORE company and brief describe the background of company.)


-various method of business communication.

-current method of business communication uesd by the ”company”.

-Explain what is PAIBOC.

-sample letter issued by the ”company”.

-analysis of the sample letter using PAIBOC.(PREFERABLE USING TABLE)

-ammended version of the sample letter. (EXPLAIN THE REASON)

-analysis of the ammended letter using PAIBOC. (PREFERABLE USING TABLE)



– come with reasons


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