Business communication

Compose a well-formed personal statement using the background readings and its applications for persuasive business
This SLP asks for the following:
A personal statement that uses the persuasive modeis of Conger, Cialidini and other persuasive communication principles
from the background readings.
Please use the following references focus to the principles outlined by Cialdini (n.d.). Conger (1991), and Beason (2001).
The Purdue OWL site (2013) and Sant (2012) readings offer effective strategies to use in this type of persuasive
Making a Persuasive Case for Employment
Persuasion can also be applied in the job search process. Essentially, we are presenting ourselves and our qualifications
to prospective employers, and persuading them to give us a job. Some companies require applicants to submit supporting
documents along with their applications. One such document is a personal statement. This is different from a cover letter,
which is normally restricted to a single page. The personal statement may be tonger: in it, you present your abilities and
persuade your prospective employee that you are qualified for the job. (Note: We will write a cover letter in Module 4).
Refer to the job opening you identified in SLP 1. Using the job description, write a personal statement (about 2 pages
long). Your personai statement should be professionally prepared and lay out your strengths for the job. Please ensure
that the contents match the job description for the job you identified in SLP 1.
Dear Sir/Madam,

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