Bureaucratic Caring Theory Research Paper

Bureaucratic Caring Theory Research Paper

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Directions: Ray’s Theory of Bureaucratic Caring (found in Nursing Theories & Nursing Practice, Chapter 23), by illustrating the significance of spiritual and ethical caring in relation to the structural dimensions of complex organizational cultures (such as political, economic, technological, and legal), facilitates understanding of how nursing can be practiced in modern health-care environments. Since the practice of nursing occurs in organizations that are generally bureaucratic, it is necessary for nurses to better understand the system and how to positively intervene in order to reduce the chaos and disillusionment nurses face when their caring services are disregarded.
For this research paper, compare Ray’s Theory of Bureaucratic Caring with another nursing theory that attempts to explain nursing administration or nursing’s function within health care agencies. You may choose the theory that you will compare to Ray’s Theory of Bureaucratic Caring.
This paper will serve as the course final. The NS3225D Research Paper Grade Rubric supersedes the NAU Research Paper requirements. The NAU information is included in the course as there are valuable links to APA format in the Research and Writing website. Use APA Format for paper style and references.
Type the assignment using Times New Roman, 12-point, and double spacing.
Submit this assignment to your instructor using the dropbox labeled “LP8 Assignment: Bureaucratic Caring Theory Research Paper.” This part of the assignment is worth 200 points and will be graded according to the scoring guide below.
Scoring Guide (200 Points)
Rating Scale
20-17 Work meets or exceeds criterion at a high level of competence.
16-13 Work reflects an understanding of criterion with minor misunderstandings/misconceptions.
12-9 Criterion partially met, but one or more important concepts/skills are missing or flawed.
8-5 Work reflects an attempt to meet criterion, but significant misunderstandings/misconceptions are apparent.
4-0 Criterion not met or work is absent.

1. Research paper clearly identifies the theory that will be compared with Ray’s Theory of Bureaucratic Caring.
2. Research paper uses an accepted schema/guideline for analyzing the theory (include citation for the analytical schema/guide that you used).
3. Research paper includes an analysis of the theories’ usefulness based on the student’s experience with health care organizations.
4. Research paper follows an effective organizational plan.
5. All of the sentences in a paragraph contribute to the idea in the topic sentence to produce paragraph unity.
6. Paragraphs lead the reader logically from one section to another; transitions are used to make connections between ideas easier to follow and contribute to the smoothness of the paper.
7. Paragraph coherence is established through the use of chronological order, space order, enumeration of reasons, expression of an idea supported by examples, cause and effect, or comparison.
8. Research paper follows APA format, meeting criteria for all components.
9. Research paper exhibits correct and appropriate grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, and word usage.
10. Research paper is submitted to course instructor at the time indicated in the class assignments.

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