brief analysis, historical period of the films

brief analysis, historical period of the films

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This allows you to critically evaluate the films as a cultural text. Each film you should write a brief analysis (450 words) of every single film listed, answering the questions specified below. Each review should refer briefly to the historical period of the film, as well as referring to some specific scenes from the film.

Film 1.
– Introduction- Hollywood in context.
– Film: The player (1992)

Film 2.
– 1890-1919: The Machine Age, Mechanization and The Transformation of Mass Communication.
– Film: The birth of Nation (1915)

Film 3.
– 1920’s: social and Economic Boom “ The Roaring Twenties”. The move to Hollywood and the rise of the Star System.
– Film: The Gold Rush (1923)

Film 4.
– 1930 ‘s: The Great Depression, Prohibition and the Gangster Era. The Golden Age of Hollywood.
– Film: Duck Soup (1933) The Great Dictator (1940)

Film 5.
– 1940’s: World War II and the Home Front.
– Film: Casablanca (1994)

Film 6.
– Nostalgia Ain’t what it use TO Be: The Double Bill
– Sunset Boulevarad (1950)
– Some Like it Hot (1959)

– 1950’s: Post-War Boom, Gold War Politics, McCarthyism and HUAC. The Birth of the Media Society.
– Film: On The Water Front (1954)

Film 8.
– 1960’s: Reform and Conflict: The Rise of the Counter-Culture and Civil Rights Movements, the Space Age, Violence and Political Assassination.
– Film: Easy Rider 1969) / Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

Film 9.
– 1970’s: The War in Vietnam and Rise of the Anti-War Movement, The water Gate Scandal.
– Film: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)
– The Parallax View (1974)

Film 10.
– 1980’s: The Age of Reagan, Conservatism/ Consumerism / The Restoration of “The Father”
– Film Wall Street (1987) Field of Dreams (1989)

Film 11.
– 1990’s: Globalization, The Digital Age, Masculinity and Violence/ Mainstreaming the Independent.
– Thelma and Louise (1991)/ Fargo (1996)
Film 12.
– 2000’s: negotiating the fractured certainty
– Film: BrokeBack Mountain (2005) Little miss Sunshine (2006)


1. What is Rober Altman saying about Hollywood filmmaking practices in ‘The Player’?

2. How is the issue of race handled in The British of a Nation?

3. In what way does Goldrush comment on the plight of immigrants in 1929’s America?

4. What American values are satirized in Dock Soup?

5. How does Casabalnca reflect early 1940’s American aptitudes to World War2?

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