Bribery and corruption.

• For Part A, you need to choose one essay question to answer. Your essay needs to be at least 250 words.
• For Part B, you need to choose two short answers to write. Each short answer needs to be at least 100 words.
• Remember the honor code. You need to make sure that you properly give credit to anything you are quoting or paraphrasing. I am assuming that you are putting forth these words as your own, unless you cite the book.
• Keep the theories and concepts from module one in mind when constructing your answers.
PART A—PICK ONE OF THE FOLLOWING (this is worth 50 points):

  1. Steidlmeier and Cragg each consider issues of bribery and corruption. What do you think are the most insightful parts of their discussions? Why? Explain.
    PART B—PICK TWO OF THE FOLLOWING (each is worth 25 points):
  2. Answer Discussion Questions #1 & #2 on p. 230
  3. Answer Discussion Question #4 on p. 230
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