Branches of government

Which branch of government do you believe should be most powerful? Should it be Congress, the Presidency, or the Judicial branch? Why?
Why do you think most Americans have a negative view of the federal bureaucracy? Is it a result of things like long lines, poor service, or something else?
Compared to the presidency and the Congress, do you think the U.S. Supreme Court has too little, too much, or the right amount of influence on American policy and law? Why?
Do you think policies and the way government operates in general would be different if everyone who is eligible to vote actually did so? Why or why not?
The redistricting process is controversial and is conducted differently in each state. Who should draw district lines? Should this process be left to state legislatures; nonpartisan state demographers (using only population data and maps); a bipartisan committee of elected officials and public interest groups; or an appointed, bipartisan panel of state judges? Or something else you can think of? Why?
Are limits to interest group spending on political contributions and ads a good idea, or do such limits impose on free speech and liberty? Why?

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