Brainstorm: “The Gift”

Keep in Mind
As you’re brainstorming, make sure you keep the materials from the podcasts in mind (especially the literary analysis skills you learned in Literary Elements 1-10). Remember that you’re building toward this unit’s Big Question: How do the loved ones of patients experience illness? What emotions come with watching a family member suffer?

Brainstorm With Your Peers
Comment on at least one of the five prompts below, and respond to at least one peer (Also do this for one other story in the week.)

“The Gift”
Required for any prompt you choose: Include a quotation from the text and connect it to your response. The quotation must be new to the board (do not use a quotation another student has already posted).

1) Address the big question.
2) Decode the story with a literary element.
3) Ask a question.
4) Share a personal experience.
5) Freebie: share something else that relates to the story.

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