Born to Learn

Directions: Read the questions listed below first. Watch the video and answer the questions with complete sentences. Tips: Listen for the key terms that are bolded below. Stop the recording any time to pause and type your answers.

Born to Learn | KSPS Documentaries | PBS
What’s the importance of a parent talking with their baby?
Explain the terms nurture and nature.
The most rapid brain development happens at what age range?
Why is “pruning” neurons a good thing?
What is the critical period of language learning?
How does talking parent affect a baby?
How are babies like little scientists?
How do bi-lingual brains to those with one language?
What is brain plasticity?
How do the experiences in early life affect the brain?
What happens when a child does not get healthy serve and return interactions?
How does toxic stress hurt brain development?
How does executing functioning affect a child’s actions?
How does a low-income child’s learning compare to a high-income child’s?
What do many troubled teens have in common?
What is the most important thing you learned from this documentary?

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