Book summary

After reading How to Think Theologically you will submit a 400-600 word (double-spaced) reading report. This paper should contain two brief sections.

Summary and Author’s Thesis: Please briefly summarize and critique the author’s thesis or main point in less than a page (around 200-250 words). What is the author trying to say in the book? Do you agree with what the main point the author is making? (35 pts)
Key Points: Pick out and summarize two or more key points that you take away from the book, and state whyyou agree or disagree with the perspective of the author. Brevity is key here. You only have a page or two, so be concise in your summary. Please don’t quote the author unless absolutely necessary. Discuss the concepts in relation to the author’s thesis. The purpose of this reading report is that you are able to come away having processed a few key concepts from the reading that may be beneficial to your learning and ministry. (65 pts)
What NOT to do: Do not summarize the whole book for me in 600-800 words. I do not want a book summary, but engagement with the book. Do not just say that you liked something the author said and that you agreed with it. Go deeper, if you agree, why?

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