Book Review; Directive Informational Behaviors

Book Review; Directive Informational Behaviors

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Read chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 11. After reading (chapter 8,9,11) answer questions.

Chapter 8: Directive Informational Behaviors
Respond to these items after reading chapter 8

1.    Both directive control supervision and directive informational supervision use the same seven behaviors. Which behaviors are applied differently in the directive informational com-pared to the directive control approach, and how are they applied differently?

2.    As you read about the supervisory behaviors used in the directive informational approach, which ones would you like to discuss or see demonstrated before you practice directive in-formational behaviors in a role play?

Chapter 9: Collaborative Behaviors
Respond to these items after reading Chapter 9.
1.    Both the teacher and supervisor participating in a collaborative conference discuss their perception of the problem, but the supervisor asks the teacher to share first. What are the advantages of the teacher sharing first?

2.    What circumstances require that a supervisor should definitely use collaborative behaviors? (4)

Chapter 11: Developmental Supervision
Respond to these items after reading chapter 11
Developmental supervision practices involve three key phases: (1)choosing a supervisory approach, (2) applying the selected approach, and (3) fostering teacher development.

A school leader’s decisions, whether implicit or explicit, regarding his/her developmental supervision approaches have an impact on professional relationships and the school’s learning environment. Directive, collaborative, and nondirective behaviors characterize the school leader’s chosen approach and the subsequent interactions with other school personnel.

1.    Is matching the correct supervisory approach to a particular teacher or group more of a ­science or an art, or is it a balance of science and art? Explain your response.

2.    Which of the four supervisory approaches would you be most comfortable using? Which approach would you be least comfortable using?

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