bob Humanities research paper Questions

bob Humanities research paper Questions

upload tow files that have article and another file that has questions. please reed the tow articles and answer the questions that I upload.
Note: For question number 7 you should write questions about my topic, so my topic is ( Anime (Japanese Animation )
Base your responses on the two student-written essay models, Dome on the Rock, and Wizard of Oz.

1.) Identify the primary (creative) source in each of these essays. What has each writer chosen as their primary (creative) source? How do you know?

2.) How does each writer make the primary (creative) source the focal point of the essay?

3.) What point does each writer make about the significance of their topic?

4.) Look through the Works Cited page for each essay as well as the sources used within each essay. How would you categorize the types of sources used in each essay? Are they interpretive? Critical? Theoretical? Analytical?

5.) Do you believe these are appropriate sources for humanities research? Why or why not? How are these sources reflective of the primary source in each essay?

6. ) Are you easily able to identify the thesis sentence(s) in each essay? Why or why not? Cut & paste it here.

7.) Write one or more questions you have about your humanities topic, or researching and writing in the humanities, in general.

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