Board Presentation-Budgeting

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Week 4 case study – Wilson School
Your task, as an aspiring principal, is to take the totality of the Gliff’s School District information, the results of your site-based committee meeting, and the allocation of windfall funds and present the proposed Wilson School budget to the superintendent and board of education at a preliminary budget hearing.

1. Describe the current state of Wilson School and address the issues that face this school in the coming three years.
2. Include your mission, goals and objectives (see week 4 previous assignments – make edits as needed). List goals in the order of priority.
3. Justify your committee priorities.
4. Complete the windfall year one revenue projection chart provided – calculate all revenue projections and include this chart in your presentation. Change the number of students (column 2) to meet your student population figures. The first row has been provided as a sample, be sure to change those figures to your own also.
5. Develop your expenditures based on the needs of the school, the expenditure caps (legislative specifications for windfall spending), and your site based committee meeting recommendations and conclusions.
6. Clearly tie the expenditures to your numbered goals/objectives utilizing the chart provided and include the chart in your presentation. You may edit categories or descriptions as needed to match your plan.
7. Indicate how the projections may change based on: more students, fewer students and provide an alternative solution for each.

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