“Bloodchild” by Octavia Butler

Based off “Bloodchild” write a minimum of 300 words, not including quotes)
Part 1: After you complete this week’s readings on the technique of close reading a text, you’ll practice close
reading on you selected text for your research paper. Here’s an example I’ve drafted on Gilman’s “The Yellow
Select a passage (at least several sentences long) from your literary text–if you’re working on “The Yellow
Wallpaper,” select a different passage from the one that I use in my example. Choose a passage that you
believe conveys significant imagery or emotional tone. Type this text into your post, and then analyze the
language in this excerpt. Address the following questions:
Identify your author, the title of the text, and page number or chapter (if available).
What images do you notice?
Which words and phrases stand out, and what effect do they have on you (the reader)?
Does the language in this passage influence how you see a particular character?
How does this passage influence your interpretation of the larger text (the short story or chapter that you’re
What are the main themes, lessons, or issues raised by this narrative?
What other questions does this passage and text prompt you to ask? Explai

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