Blood cell count

Module 5 – First Post

The purpose of this activity is to apply what you have learned in the first week of this module about blood, to make simple diagnosis using reference lab values of blood cells and predict the clinical manifestations in clients with blood abnormalities.
Analyzing a CBCs (Complete Blood Count)

  1. Analyze the following CBCs (Complete Blood Cell Count). For each value out of range, specify:
    a. The name of the condition (diagnosis), and
    b. The possible clinical manifestations observed in this hypothetical individual. In other words, what symptoms and signs would you expect to find in a client which blood cell levels are like the ones shown in these CBCs.
    c. What do you think are the consequences of each of these conditions?
  2. Engage in a discussion with your classmates about the possible diagnosis, causes, clinical presentations, and possible solutions for the individuals in these case studies.
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