Blog entries

Write 5 short blog entries (at least one-half page each). In each entry highlight:
One specific topic/issue related to Module 1 that you would like to investigate further and why.
Discuss your reactions to what have you learned so far concerning your specific topic/issue as it relates to human capital management. Cite at least one of your module sources.
Discuss what more you would like to learn concerning your topic/issue and why.
Find one valid source (not listed in this module) from which you could learn more about your specific topic/issue. Look in the Trident Online Library and/or on the internet for valid sources. (The goal is to broaden your resource list, so do not list the same specific source more than once across your journal entries.)
Reference: Schwartz, T., Jones, J., & McCarty, C. (2010). The way we’re working isn’t working. New York, NY: Free Press.

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