Bismark Model: Private Mandated Coverage

Bismark Model: Private Mandated Coverage
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On March 17, the group will present the general concepts of their assigned system, discussing the strengths and weaknesses and criticisms of systems of that design. To simulate policy process, this stage discusses concept, following classes will discuss key issues as applied to that system concept, and the final presentation will review the final system design and how it maximized its strengths, minimized the weaknesses and addressed the criticisms to derive a final policy proposal

For our March 17th presentation we need to:
}Name your System
}The general concept of the system
}Discuss strengths and weaknesses inherent in the system you will try to improve
}Provide an overview of the General System Framework in relation to your system
}Goals and Objectives: Key Approaches
}Role of Supplemental plans/sectors
}Coverage other than medical: RX, Dental, Mental Health, Public Health, Wellness, etc.
}Summarize your challenges and approaches for the next classes

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