Bio-psycho-social model of health and illness

Part I: a. Start by taking the Self Assessment on Page 89. Chapter 4 examines sources of stress, signs of stress, challenges to and of stress; the body’s physical response(s) to stress, and its stages, as well as stress hardiness. Share with us the various sources of stress that you experience, their effects on your body and immune system, and what you do in at least 3 different areas to increase your tolerance for stress. b. What are 3 overly obvious stressors for you? Explain. c. What are the differences between the effects (physical) and the affects (mental, behavioral, emotional, spiritual, and intuitive) of your stress upon you? Answer all parts of this question.
Based off the asssessment my stress levels are above average. The fear of being alone, fear of failuring , working over 44 hrs a week, orverall responsibilities for school, and this all messes with my sleep. I am overally tired, my back is in distress and my attitude is all over the place.

Part II: a. Check out the Bio-psycho-social model of health and illness on p. 121 in your text. Which of these factors are beyond your ability to control? Which are you capable of controlling? Explain your reasons in a couple of well-thought-out, well-constructed paragraphs. b. How could you change the nature of our society to make it less stressful? (I think a lot about how watching the (bad) news regularly is exhausting and debilitating.) Give some very specific examples.

Part III: Explain your feelings about the following addictions, abuses and dependencies: internet, substance abuse (marijuana and others), depressants, alcohol, sexual abuse, opioids, opiates and other narcotics, vaping, smoking and any others you would like to describe…

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