Bill Gates or Barack Obama

“Choose someone famous [inventor, innovator, athlete, music artiste, artist, scientist, philanthropist, teacher, researcher, genius, farmer,head-of- state, etc] and research the path he/she took to achieve fame and the contributions this person made to his/her field or the world at large. What did this person actually do to achieve fame? What were the critical moments in the development of his or her career? What is or was the value of fame to this person and to those around him or her (Green and Lawlor 573).” At the beginning of your essay [Introduction] weave into your introduction why you are interested in/chose this person and ask a question that may have baffled you about him/her. Then write an organized narrative account as you investigate your subject’s life through research and showing your own reflective thinking. Your goal is to research and find information that answers the questions listed above in this prompt, to produce a clear coherent exploration of your subject’s fame and contributions and give credit to the relevant sources you have used through proper

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