Biki is a new bike share system in Honolulu. (


Biki is a new bike share system in Honolulu. (

Create a business process map of renting a bike from Biki. Be particularly sensitive to the information systems necessary to support the system. (Map only one payment

Use Lucidchart ( get the free education account) to create the map. See figure 1, for an example. See figure 3-15 in
the text for an example of a rental process map.

Copy and paste your business process map to a Word document. (You may use the attached file as a template.)

Review Porter’s principles of Competitive Advantage.

Describe and explain which principles are active in the Biki business process model.

Feel free to collaborate with another student. Each student should submit the Word file to the discussion forum separately and reference the other student.



Figure 1. Assignment process map


Porter’s principles of Competitive Advantage

Product Implementations:

1. Create a new product or service

2. Enhance products or services

3. Differentiate products or services

Process Implementations:

4. Lock in customers and buyers

5. Lock in suppliers

6. Raise barriers to market entry

7. Establish alliances

8. Reduce costs

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